We have designed and created several playing areas (of various sizes) for children of different ages. One aspect that gives us most motivation as parents ourselves, is the need to create a peaceful environment for children when they are waiting for an appointment at a dentist, counsel clinics, or any other type of medical clinic or hospital.

We believe that a waiting area designed to be childfriendly, can reduce the anxiety and the battles with parents whose children require medical attention. We love to create simple play areas for these purposes, keeping in mind safety and hygiene. Also, we have the solution to creating a childfriendly clinic for doctors, dentists, physchiatrists and clinical phsychologists, etc. It is important for children to feel at ease when entering these rooms because the right design can appease your clients, allowing you to treat your patients in a more tranquil manner.

We have many innovative solutions for pediatrics, so contact us and let us know what your requirements are.

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